Thank you to everyone who came out to audition! We now have three great new members, and be sure to check back in the Spring if you missed your chance to audition!

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Here, you’ll learn about our members, our sound, and our 30 year tradition


Auditions: Congratulations to our newest member Duncan Saum!Thank you to all who came out to audition; we were overwhelmed by the amount of talent we saw!

Diamond Anniversary CD: 1986 – Our 30th anniversary CD is out! Get a taste of Harvard’s premiere acapella music with tunes Stevie Wonder to Imagine Dragons.  You can find more information about Callbacks recording here.

Congratulations to Callback Dylan MarcAurele ’16 – music composer of The Hasty Pudding’s That 1770’s Show! 

For further questions, please email harvardcallbacks@gmail.com.

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