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Harvard Callbacks

Here, you'll learn about our members, our sound, and our 30 year tradition


Fall 2015 Jam - Our fall semester concert will be on October 17th in Sanders Theater. Tickets can be purchased at the door or from a Callback near you! Check back soon for more details about time when tickets go on sale the week of the show. We hope to see you there!

Newbies- We are very excited to announce that after a competitive auditions process, the Callbacks welcomed 6 new members on September 12, 2015!


Congratulations to (from Left to Right): Michel Li, Kevin Servellon, Liat Rubin, Danielle Roybal, Tom LaSalle, and Shana Yang- welcome to the CB Family!

Auditions Fall 2015- The Callbacks have completed our auditions for the Fall 2015. Please check back this Spring for more information on auditions on the auditions tab!

Freshman Jam-  The Callbacks will open the Freshman Jam in Sanders Theater on Saturday, September 5th. Be sure to arrive on time to see the Callbacks at 8:00PM! Click here for more information.

Preyear Retreat- After dropping off our bags at campus, the Callbacks were reunited at Lena's house for preyear retreat where we spent the weekend singing and preparing for auditions!

Diamond Anniversary CD- During Bridge Week 2015 this May, the Callbacks headed into the recording studio to record our 9th studio album. We look forward to heading back into the studio in October with our new members to finish off the album for it's release in honor of our 30th anniversary! You can find more information about Callbacks recording here.

Kickstarter- The Callbacks are excited to announce a successful Kickstarter, raising $19,500 for our newest album. We would like to thank all of our fans, friends, family and alumni who supported us along the way!

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