In November, we travel to New York City for an extended weekend. On New York Tour, the group bonds with new members, reconnects with alumni, and sings at a variety of venues. The past few years have brought us to the Harvard Club of New York, Turnstyle Underground,  the Manhattan Jewish Community Center, South Street Seaport, and more. From busking in Central Park to exploring the city, New York tour is an amazing time.


The Callbacks go on tour each year in order to spread their music and grow closer in friendship. For the last week of January break, the group ventures down to tropical Puerto Rico, where they enjoy a vacation from the stresses of classes and the cold Boston weather. A charity tour, the group spends a couple of days singing at convents, children’s hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations. The group enjoys the island’s beaches, snorkeling, and nightlife while also performing at a variety of venues. A true highlight of being a Callback, Puerto Rico tour is something group members look forward to each year.