The Harvard Callbacks

Harvard's premier coed a cappella group

Thank you to all those who auditioned!

We saw some great talent, and we're super excited to welcome three new members to the group. If you missed your chance to audition, keep an eye out for spring auditions!

Want to join The Harvard Callbacks?

Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, our fall auditions are over. When the time comes, we will upload this page with any information on upcoming auditions!

How auditions work

Auditions will take place over the course of one week, and are divided by the following format:

  • A preliminary audition in which you sing scales, do some pitch-matching, and sing a verse and a chorus of a song of your choice for the group (about ten minutes).
  • A first-round callback in which we teach you two of our “blocks” - the music we sing behind the soloist. You’ll get to sing with the group to test for blend and learning ability. You will also sing a short solo from a song the group performs.
  • A second-round callback in which you learn another block and sing another solo of our choice.
  • A “Final Night” audition round, in which you learn more about the group, learn one of our very favorite blocks, and perform a full-length solo of your choice for the group.

These rounds take place over the course of a week, so you have time to get to know the group and let us get to know you! It’s an incredibly rewarding experience and truly enjoyable both for the auditionees and the group members. We hope to see you in the SPRING!

Still got questions?

Feel free to email our president, Casey Khang Moore, at 

With a sound experience in music, students from a Capella groups often have the option to go into some kind of music production after graduation. Whether you want to sing for a theater, church group or for a recording studio, professional singers have opportunities in many different avenues. Many professionals even sing as a part-time hobby in their free-time.

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